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Get the recognition your Institution deserves

Asia’s Education Awards is an excellent platform to promote excellence and recognize innovation in education.

Asia’s Education Award depicts the trust and the confidence earned by the educational institutions within the hearts and minds of the consumers over several years by providing quality education to all.

The award is the ultimate seal of excellence, quality education & commitment towards the development of the students to make them the leaders of tomorrow.

It is a certification of the positive contributions &vital initiatives taken by these educational entities to provide fair and impartial education to all. Through the power of knowledge & utmost dedication to make the world a better place, these institutions have proved their worth and have ultimately been selected for Asia’s Education Awards.

Your institution will be entitled to the following benefits:
  • The winners will be entitled to the Logo usage rights of Asia’s Education Award for one year from the award’s date. The institution can use the logo in all of its publicity & marketing collaterals, including brochures, catalogs, hoardings, Newspaper Ads, TV Ads, campaigns, etc.
  • The institution can communicate (via pictures, logo & title of the award) and reach out to society & the target consumers in a much more confident manner than before.
  • The institutions using the right mix of marketing & publicity techniques will see significant growth in their stature, brand & ranking amongst the other competing institutions because of the authenticity and the trust factor associated with the award title.
  • A feeling of pride & motivation will prevail amongst the staff/employees/students after winning the award, inspiring them to perform better and achieve more.
  • A certificate of excellence will be awarded to the winners.
  • Media kit including a press release copy, various formats of the logo, and banner design to display your achievement on the premises & for marketing / promotional purposes.
  • Institution profile / an article (up to 1000 words) along with your Chairperson/Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor/Principal picture to be published on an International News Portal.
  • 2 Min interview AV of your Chairperson/Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor/Principal to be published on an International News Portal.
  • 1 min audio-visual clip of the winning institution to be publicized through an International News Portal.
  • Award recipient logo to be displayed on our awards website with other winners.
  • Publicity through press release distribution, publicity on social media platforms, and other PR activities to ensure maximum coverage & mileage for the winning institutions.