Asia's Education Awards is an initiative to uncover the mindset of the society towards the established educational institutions and what factors drives them to choose a particular educational institution. With our research and survey process we intend to find the best institutions of Asia and honour them for their unique contributions towards the education sector & for enriching the lives of their students.

The following will give a better insight about the selection process:

Level 1 :   The first level of the process was initiated by conducting a consumer survey for the educational institutions in various countries of Asia wherein the consumers (students, teachers, mentors, parents, alumni, etc.) were asked to give their valuable responses upon the infrastructure, student development, faculty, academic curriculum, course material, management, extra-curricular activities, admission process, placements etc. and at the same time to ensure the credibility of the whole process a trust rating was given to each of the institution by the respondents.

The survey sample covered more than 20 countries of Asia where in 1,43,452 responses / votes were obtained.

Level 2 :   The research team thoroughly examined all the responses obtained through the consumer survey and a list of 1000 best educational institutions was generated. This list of the best institutions was further evaluated & rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) by the team keeping in view the parameters mentioned the above level in order to best reflect the choice of the consumers and top voted 250 institutions of Asia were shortlisted.

Level 3:   Our team reviewed the 250 shortlisted institutions and prepared a list of the final 100 best educational institutions of Asia based on the scores received by each of the institution during the evaluation by the editorial team and the responses & the trust rating obtained from the consumer survey.

25 % weightage was given to the IBC team evaluation.

75 % weightage was given to votes/responses obtained via consumer survey.

Analysis: The cumulative scoring of IBC team and consumer votes was under taken to finalize the winners of "ASIA'S EDUCATION AWARDS 2020".

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