Award Registration

Once after nomination, if your institution will be selected for the award as a winner by our team & jury then your Institution will have to pay a registration and logo usage rights fee of Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST. ). The total amount is Rs. 59,000/- (Fifty Nine Thousand Only) for Institutions of India. And US $ 750 (Seven Hundred Fifty US Dollars) for all institutions other than Indian institutions, which will be valid for the tenure of one year.

In order to register and participate, all the winners must fill & submit the registration e- form on our website & make the payment of the registration fee through electronic bank transfer. Payment of registration fee is mandatory for all winners without exception.

The fee charged includes the cost of research & evaluation process conducted in order to select the institutions and this contribution made by you empowers us to carry on this process and give you the Best & Most Trusted Educational Institutions each year.

Please fill the below registration e- form for participating in the awards. For receiving the bank details in order to make the payment, you can write to us on,

Please Note: The registration fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances

Please fill all the required details. The details marked with a star [*] are mandatory.

Awardee details to be published in Press Release

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